谢欣舞蹈剧场作品季《未·知》 已结束

  • 演出时间:2018年05月12日 19;30
  • 演出场馆:天桥艺术中心-中剧场  
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    「 三部风格完全不同的作品齐聚,
    Three works with completely different styles are gathered together in
    Beijing Tianqiao Performing Art Center
    As an important program of Tianqiao Chinese Spring Art Festival
    For Beijing audiences,
    It brings the newest and best works
    Which has lasted for four years.
    《 未 · 知 》

    It contains two medium works with different characters. It will have sustainable changes in the first half performance while it keeps unchangeable in the second half.


    UNKNOWN 是 2016 年我与以色列KIBBUTZ现代舞团编舞家Eyal Dadon 先生首次合作的倾力之作,也是Eyal在中国为中国舞团编创的第一个作品。作品于 2016 年8月23 日和 24日在北京国家大剧院《中国舞蹈十二天》项目中完成首演,9月2号在上戏剧院首演。    
    UNKNOWN was a great performance I cooperated for the first time with Mr. Eyal Dadon, the choreographer of Israeli KIBBUTZ modern dance company in 2016. In addition, it was also the first works Eyal created for Chinese dance theaters in China. The dance was performed initially in the program “Twelve Days of Chinese Dance” in Beijing National Grand Theatre on August 23rd to 24th in 2016. On September 2nd, it was performed initially in Shanghai Theatre Academy.

          UNKNOWN 它更是一个随着时间持续探索和更新的概念。这个大的名字之下将包含不同风格的中型作品,2016年的首演版本,其中包括Eyal的45分钟作品《层次》,我和黎星25分钟的作品《触碰》,共时长 70 分钟。
    Typically, UNKNOWN is a sustainable exploration and innovation with time. Moreover, the great name contains medium works with different styles. The initial edition in 2016, which contains LAYERS (the 45-minute works of Eyal) and TOUCH (the 25-minute works performed by me and Li Xing), lasts 70 minutes.

    2018 年,谢欣舞蹈剧场将推出《未·知UNKNOWN》=《…之后…》+《层次》的全新版本,更新时长 80 分钟。  —— 谢欣
    In 2018, Xiexin Dance Theater will release the brand new edition of UNKNOWN= LATER +LAYERS. And, the time of works will be as long as 80 minutes.-------Xie Xin


    现代舞艺术进入中国应该说也有一些年头了,在我们的现代舞者当中勇敢的去探索未知、探索未来,应该可以说是现代舞艺术的一种精神。谢欣秉持了这样一种现代艺术精神,她创作和她的表演是融为一体的,她的身体是超敏感的、极其细腻的。在她的舞动当中,我每一次都期望能预测到她的下一秒的动作,但她每次都会超越我的想象,所以她用《未·知》来作为她自己作品的名字,我觉得这恰恰是谢欣自己独特的艺术体验。    」—— 冯双白(导师)
    UNKNOWN is a wonderful dance cooperated by Xie Xin and Mr. Eyal Dadon, a famous Israeli choreographer.In our lives, we may have many unknown  experiences and each of us won’t be an exception. Something unknown will bring us the horrors as well as the expectations. In addition, the horrors and expectations may be the typical psychological experiences for human beings who are considered as one of the primates.
    Actually, modern dance art has developed for many years in China. The modern dancers explore the unknown fields and the future with courage, which is considered as the spirit of modern dance art. Inherited from the spirit of modern art, Xie Xin has integrated her creation into performance. Her body is extremely sensitive and delicate. In her dance, every time, I usually expect to predict her next actions but her actions will be beyond my imagination. As she has chosen UNKNOWN as the title of her works, I think Xie Xin’s typical artistic experiences can be exactly shown in the performance.------Feng Shuangbai (Tutor)

    谢欣舞蹈剧场《UNKNOWN 未·知》这个作品是我今年看到的最好的现代舞作品,没有之一。这个作品没有任何道具和装置,就是靠纯粹的人体本身。如果不去看,你会错过今年最嗨的一部作品 。——梁戈逻
    The dance UNKNOWN performed by Xiexin Dance Theater is my favorite modern dance I enjoyed this year and no other ones can match it. There are no stage properties and equipment in the works. It is totally performed by human bodies. If you refuse to enjoy, you will miss the best dance this year.---- Liang Geluo

    上半场作品《 …之后… 》35“
    The first half works ……AFTER……(35’)

    As the first cross-border cooperation, we added the elements of drama into modern dances. Then, what changes will they have? 


    Mixed relations….between two persons….behind the paper….

    A person may meet 29,200,000 people in the whole life and the probability that two people fall in love will be 0.000049. Xie Xin, the popular dancer and choreographer from mainland China, and Pan Zhenhao, the choreographer from Hong Kong will give a sincere performance in mixed relations to explain what the relationship will be between two persons……

    One of the differences for the creation from the previous works is that she is more fascinated for logical exploration of body comparing to the previous works. This time, with the cooperation with Pan Zhenhao, she has gained more experiences and feelings in the dramas. Besides, she has more creative ideas of characters and scenes in actions. She integrates the body into dramatic performances and outlines the relations of characters from dynamic changes. In addition, it is the first time for her to use stage properties in the works in order to enrich subtle relationship of the fixed characters. 

    下半场作品《 层 次 》45“
    The last half works LAYERS (45’)

    以色列鬼才编导 Eyal Dadon 为谢欣舞蹈剧场量身打造,
    As the first works created in China, it is tailored for Xiexin Dance Theater by Israeli talented choreographer Eyal Dadon.

    Everything - has layers.Color, Sound, Clothes, Material, sense, personality, thoughts, soul, air, skin, everything. 
    Dadon believes that, mixing layers, can connect between cultures, and can help the understanding of each other, just like color or music, it doesn’t matter which color or music you will mix, you will have a result of something, which you will be able to understand. 
    A person should know how to imagine and “dream” about the way that layers looks like, because it can be translated in many ways, but it is enough to have one way to see it, and a whole world can be discovered.


    策划&出品 Produced by
    Xiexin Dance Theater

    编导 Choreographers
    谢欣、Eyal Dadon、潘振濠
    Xie Xin、Eyal Dadon、Pan Zhenhao

    演员 Dancers
    Xie Xin、Liu Jia、Hu Shengyuan、Gong Xingxing、Du Yanhao、Pan Zhenhao、Liu Xue、Wang Qi、Fan Xiaoyun

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