谢欣舞蹈剧场作品季《一撇一捺》 已结束

  • 演出时间:2018年05月11日 19;30
  • 演出场馆:天桥艺术中心-中剧场  
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  • 《一撇一捺》《未?知》《执迷》

    「 三部风格完全不同的作品齐聚,
    Three works with completely different styles are gathered together in
    Beijing Tianqiao Performing Art Center
    As an important program of Tianqiao Chinese Spring Art Festival
    For Beijing audiences,
    It brings the newest and best works
    Which has lasted for four years.

    “From IN”

    With developing for three years, it brings brand-new feelings. And, it is “refreshing, peaceful and extremely attractive” performance praised by the westerners



         From IN 是我斟酌最长并修改最多的一部作品,从2015年在国家大剧院首演之后,除了我和黎星、钱敏3人,外国演员全部更换,现在的演员都是我个人非常欣赏的最好的或有潜力中国舞者。因为创作的阶段不同,此刻的我希望它更有“人”的温度。

    From IN is the works I have had the consideration with longest time and the numerous revisions. In addition, after having been initially performed in National Grand Theater since 2015, except Li Xing, Qian Min and I, all foreign performers were replaced completely. In my opinion, the present performers are the best or the most potential Chinese dancers I appreciate greatly. As it has different stages of creation, presently, I hope it has more temperature of “human beings”. 

    In three years’ performance, I have revised 80% of actions in the edition of initial performance and adjusted 50% of the music, which made it a brand new works in 2016. Our prettiest lighting designer Gao Jie called it From IN……. (Hehe…)

           From IN ,它就像我精神的折射面,我把自己想要表达的情感全都投射并隐藏到这个作品之中。
    From IN is like the reflection of my spirit. I want to reflect and hide all the emotions I want to express in the works.

    “一撇一捺” = 人/入/X = 支点.原点.连接与拆解
    “From IN”=Chinese character Ren (human being)/Chinese character Ru (enter)/X= supporting point, initial point, connection and disassembling 

    人 - 字面、身体、精神、情感、支点
    Ren-Literal meaning, body, spirit, emotion and supporting point

    入 - 往内、最深的、原点
    Ru-Inside, the deepest, original point

    X - 未知、交集、分离、连接与拆解
    X- Unknown, intersection, apart, connection and disassembling

    “From IN” - 从最深的地方出发
     “From IN”— Starting from the deepest place

    「从一撇一捺&From IN . 回归为人的本真 」
    Starting from “From IN”, it returns the nature of human beings.

    After reading the script with more thinking, I should forget it and think it is real to experience in the theater……

    If you relax yourself and think the theater is with us or provide a supporting point in the body emotionally, maybe you will find the hidden language in the works….. as well as the emotions in the actions. Maybe, you recognize the moment that supporting point will be departed, disassembled and ruined…..what it will bring you…..
    —— 谢欣
    ----Xie Xin



    「在谢欣的作品中,我看见了在欧洲现代舞发展中没有寻找到的未来,有着极致敏感的独特性和唯一。  」——芬兰国际舞蹈节总监
    In Xie Xin’s works, I have found the future I haven’t found in the development of European modern dance. In addition, her works have extremely sensitive uniqueness and specificity. --- The Director of Finland International Dance Festival

    「 《?撇?捺》耳目一新,宁静而极具魅力,几乎创造了梦幻般气氛的表演,在作品的可视性上呈现出风格的简约之美。就好像是一件精美的首饰,让美丽历久弥坚,永不褪色。舞者像梦一样移动,仿佛与空气融为一体,有着最顶尖的质量。  」 ——芬兰日报《Savon Sanomat》  

    Refreshing, peaceful and extremely attractive, From IN almost creates a fantastic performance. As for the visibility, the dance is shown with the beauty of simplicity. It is just like the exquisite jewelry, which makes the beauty longer and unfading. Moving like the dream, the dancer seems to integrate into the air and with the top quality. ----- Finland Daily“Savon Sanomat”

    「《?撇?捺》表演形式变化多端,舞蹈语汇极具个性,身体各部充分开发,似乎身体的每一块肌肉、每一个关节都能舞动,尤其是弯腰仰天的扭动,很有视觉冲击力。 」——新民晚报
    From IN has many different forms of performances. The dance language is very typically personal and all parts of the body are developed completely. It seems that every muscle and joint can dance. Especially, the twisting, which the dancers perform when look up and bend down,gives the audiences a strong visual impact.    ---Xinmin Evening News  

          人与人之间会产生关于彼此的记忆,因为一个时间、空间点上的相交集,产生一个连接,架构了一个支点,否则我们只是不在 同一平面没有相交的一撇或一捺。 

         As human beings, one of the reasons we share memories with each other is that we meet at the same moment in the same space, which creates a special link. Without this, we are just living parallel lives indifferent spaces.


    From IN, dismantle the shape of “human”, then deconstruct the component of “human” from different aspects. Separate all the parts from word structure! See the body of “human” from deep perspective, then rationally study the body and movement logic! Thus see deeper, dig and enlarge the component of human nature, feelings, desires, violence, softness generated from exchanges between people, thus see the sensitive spirit aspect that why human is independent as "human"! Deeper, pass through the physical and mental, thus see the heart, which is the birthplace and pivot of perception, it is the place that bursts blood and emotion, the intersection of all parts, connection points of human, collision points between the bodies, the source of “move”, heart, which is also the place that lays yourself and love down. What are behind this source? See from my opinion, it is the point in infinite time space, that intersection, and that pivot, but I just see loneness…


    策划&出品 Produced by
    谢欣舞蹈剧场Xiexin Dance Theater

    编导 Choreographers
    谢欣Xie Xin

    演员 Dancers
    Xie Xin、Li Xing、Li Chao、 Hu Shengyuan、Liu Xuefang、Liu Xue、Liu Yintao、Qian Min、Wang Qi



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