王亚彬主演舞剧《青衣》 已结束

  • 演出时间:2017年09月02日—03日 19:30
  • 演出场馆:天桥艺术中心-中剧场  
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  • 青衣从来就不是女性、角色或某个具体的人,她是东方大地上瑰丽的、独具魅力的魂。王亚彬抓住了她,并让她成了王亚彬自己。

    Qing Yi, shouldn’t be perceived as a character performed by women, nor should it be perceived upon any particular role, nor even the individual person who plays it.
    It represents the soul, grandeur and glamorous, originated with its deep roots in the earth of the Orient. Yabin has grabbed it, making herself representative of the spirit of Qing Yi.
    --- by Bi Feiyu

    舞剧《青衣》-- 亚彬和她的朋友们第七季作品

    “The Moon Opera” – a production of the 7th “Yabin & Her Friends” dance series
    ----Adapted from Mr. Bi Feiyu’s novel


    Xiao Yanqiu, a Qing Yi (a theatrical female character performed by male or female usually costumed in black) was performing Chang’e, a goddess in a classic piece of the Peking Opera known as Flying to the Moon, which had made her famous for a period of time, but suddenly she was grounded because of things happening between her and her teacher and expelled from stage to a training school affiliated with the company. In despair, she came across a traffic policeman, a warm hearted, introverted man who she later married to live a life far different than a life she always dreamed about having as she grew up getting trained to live a life to stardom while playing Chang’e. Time flies, two decades have passed and up till the time she sees Chun Lei, a student of her who reminds her of her old time passion and dream that she had when she was young. She gives Chun Lei everything she has, making sure that Chuna Lei could be cultivated into a greatest performer of our time playing Chang’e. However as re-inclination or karma that would happen in one’s life, this time, something unexpected happened in her life again, and this time, it’s not political reasons, which dragged her down right before she could have become famous 20 years ago, this time, it’s lust and greediness of the boss of the tobacco factory, who promised to fund Xiao Yanqiu in restaging the show on stage, two decades after she was frozen from performing. Meanwhile Chun Lei, her student alternatively was picked up as the choice by the boss to perform Chang’e because the boss shifted his interest from her to her student. Despite of all efforts that Xiao Yanqiu has putted together to reassemble herself to play Chang’e, unexpected pregnancy has hindered her from performing the same time, and she feels like she is falling off down off the cliff. On the night of the premiere of the work, Xiao Yanqiu feels that she is flying towards the moon, the same way as Chang’e in a windy, snowy and chilly night.

    Principle Dancers Team: 
    Choreographer/Director/Leading Dancer:
    Wang Yabin, dancer, choreographer, producer and actress.
    (State 1st class dance artist, a graduate from Beijing Dancing Academy, Artistic Director of Yabin Dance Studio)

    她本人囊括中国中宣部、文化部主办的舞蹈重要赛事金奖,并出演多部脍炙人口的优秀影视作品。目前以主演、编舞、制作人的不同身份创作国际拓展艺术作品,她与Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, 桑吉加,Mark Heim, Elizabeth Roxas Dobrish,高成明,张云峰,费波等编舞家;作曲家普利策奖获得者周龙,音乐人文子、丁武等音乐家;当代艺术家展望、卢征远等世界不同国度不同艺术家一起创作,工作。她的作品在国际舞坛获得主要媒体高度好评及各国观众的喜爱,她被Knack Focus杂志誉为“亚洲最重要的舞者之一”;《英国金融时报》Financial Times则评价:“她具有中国古典舞的背景,同时也致力于将更多的现代舞引入中国。她的年度作品《亚彬和她的朋友们》引起了广泛的关注…她的表演将中国传统舞蹈及当代西方舞蹈糅合在一 起,互为阴阳…”;德国法兰克福汇报则对她的表演如此评论:“王亚彬用舒缓的节奏展示了非凡的舞蹈。她柔软、流畅又极具爆发力的动作令人心醉”。2015年她受英国国家芭蕾舞团艺术指导Tamara Rojo的邀请,委约为该团2016年4月在沙德勒. 井剧场世界首演“She Said”作品进行编舞,成为国内舞蹈家受约担任该团编舞的第一人。

    She has been awarded many prizes and awards in the Chinese dance contest and competition of dance works commissioned by the Central Propaganda Department of CCPCC, Ministry of Culture, and has also starred in several highly acclaimed works in both film and television. As a dancer, choreographer and producer, she creates dance works always with international collaboration. She has worked with Chinese and Western choreographers including Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Sang Jijia, Mark Heim, Elizabeth Roxas Dobrish, Gao Chengming, Zhang Yunfeng and Fei Bo; musicians including Wen Zi, Ding Wu and a Pulitzer prize winning composer Zhou Long; artists Zhan Wang and Lu Zhengyuan.Works she created in which she was also principle dancer won raves from media and audiences around the world. She was recognized as “one of the most important dancers in Asia” by Knack Focus. The Financial Times said: “She has a background in Chinese classical dance but has also worked to bring more contemporary dance to China, and headlines an annual program of creations, Yabin and her Friends…Her performance gives us Chinese and contemporary dance as yin and yang...” The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung reported: “Yabin Wang presented an incredible dance in a soothing rhythm; her flexible, flowing and energetic movements were fascinating.” In December, 2014, Tamara Rojo, Artistic Director of the English National Ballet has invited Yabin Wang to choreograph a dance work for a whole evening of a new production by English National Ballet dedicated to female choreographers entitled “ She Said”, along with two other women choreographers Aszure Barton,  and Annabelle Lopez Ochoa. The performance will be premiered at Sadlers’ Wells in April, 2016. She will be the first choreographer from mainland China invited to choreograph for a world well known ballet company.
    主演作品:舞蹈:扇舞丹青 大唐贵妃 墨韵 一夜微雨等;
              舞剧:草原记忆 玉鸟, 射雕英雄传;
              影视:乡村爱情 推拿 电影:十面埋伏 hello,树先生

    Major Works featuring Wang Yabin: 
    Solo: Dancing Fan Calligraphy, Tang Concubines, Painting of Dancing , Drizzle of the Night;
    Dance Opera: Memory of Prairie, Jade Birds, Legend of Eagle Shooting Hero
    Television Series : Village of Love, Massage; Films: Ambush on AIl Sides, Hello, Mr. Tree
    “Yabin and Her Friends” Series, seven Seasons with seven productions of over 20 dance works from 2009 to 2015

    该工作室创意、出品“亚彬和她的朋友们”品牌系列演出已7年7季(2009至今)。2015舞剧《青衣》入围2014年度国家艺术基金舞台创作资助项目,国家大剧院舞蹈节;2014年原创舞剧《生长》被纳入文化部中法建交50周年重点推荐项目、国家大剧院舞蹈节;2014年《梦 三则》入围“中国梦”北京市文化局优秀剧目展演;2011年《守望》入选北京第九届国际舞蹈戏剧舞蹈季。其原创舞作赴海外比、德、意、法、荷、以等多国演出,该品牌系列创作了全新、跨界、国际化的舞蹈作品。所到之处,受到媒体好评及观众喜爱。
    2013第五季“生长”国家大剧院 友谊剧院 东方艺术中心
    文化部外派演出“亚彬和她的朋友们*相聚” 特拉维夫
    第六季“梦三则” 国家大剧院

    About Yabin Studio
    Founded in 2009, Yabin Studio is dedicated to the creation and production of dancing, drama and other stage performances. It gathers elite artists and cross-discipline talent to create quality work, and develops a platform for the best in the field of art to collaborate and exchange. Yabin Studio is a place of creativity and expressiveness and serves as producer for its brand.

    In accordance with international conventions, the studio commissions to promote elite artists, create premium works, advance the creation of dance work in the new era, introduce the best locally-produced work to national and global audiences, and showcase the charm and modern spirit of dance art. In addition, it is also a platform for Yabin Wang, the talented young Chinese dancer and choreographer, to facilitate arts exchange and dance education as well as cultivate professional dancers.

    Since its first season in 2009, Yabin and Her Friends, a production created and presented by Yabin Studio, has seen seven seasons. In 2015, “The Moon Opera” was finalist at the China National Arts Fund 2014 and the Dance Festival of National Center for the Performing Arts. In 2014, the original production “Genesis生长” was included in the key recommended projects for Sino French diplomatic relations 50th anniversary by the Ministry of Culture and the Dance Festival of National Center for the Performing Arts. In the same year, “Dream in Three Episodes” was finalist in “China Dream” for “Outstanding Performance Show” by the Cultural Bureau of Beijing Municipal Government. In 2011, “Keeping Watch” was included in the Dance Season of the 9th Beijing International Dance and Drama Festival. The studio’s original work has been taken to Belgium, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and Israel, and “Yabin and Her Friends” has created cutting-edge, cross-discipline and internalized dance work recognized by media and audiences.

    Yabin and Her Friends Series Chronology 
    2009 “Dance together” at the Nine Theatre
    2010   “Pursuing” at the Tianqiao Theatre
    2011   “Expecting with Faith” at the Poly Theatre
    2012 “Three Years” at the NCPA
    2013 “Genesis” at the NCPA, the Friendship Theatre and the SHOAC
    2014   ”Genesis” Touring in the world
            “Reunion” in Tel Aviv 
            “Dream in three episodes”  At the NCPA
    2015   “The Moon Opera” At the NCPA

    灯光设计:Willy Cessa 
    舞美设计:Matt Deely
    服装设计:Kimie Nakano
    作曲:郭思达  Olga Wojciechowska
    剧本顾问/投影视频设计:Helene Guetary

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